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€19,500 entry fee


Royalties at 2% of turnover


Minimum 5 years contract duration


National exclusivity

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A turnkey software :

Combining effective digital methods with local service? Presta Service engages in the management and oversight of multi-technical and multiservice maintenance for its major client accounts (stores, commercial agencies, restaurants, large retail, building…).

Our franchisees have an optimal tool at their disposal to manage maintenance projects for their clients. From responsiveness to better cost control, quality, and serene follow-up… This is what our network offers its clients across all their sites.

The maintenance industry :

The reality of the market poses a significant challenge for maintenance managers. In an environment where collaboration with various professions is inevitable, maintenance teams often find themselves juggling with a multitude of service providers. This complex situation can make management costly and inefficient, impacting the very structure of the company.

Finding the right service providers, tracking, monitoring interventions, evaluating their pertormance, managing associated documentation, and comparing the quality and cost services among different suppliers, all of this becomes a demanding and exasperating task.

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Our dailywork

Becoming a Presta International franchisee means diving into a dynamic universe where store maintenance takes on a new dimension. You are the embodiment of excellence, a trusted ambassador who leads operations with ease and expertise.

Guided by the optimal tool “Harmony”, you have a key in your hands to orchestrate maintenance work for your clients ins seamless and efficient manner. But it’s much more than that. You embody the vital link between Presta International and your clients, offering a customized experience that exceeds expectations.

Prospecting and Customer Relations.

Our network is not the sole source of new clients. You actively prospect to establish lasting relationship based on trust and satisfaction and highlight Presta International’s solutions.

Partner Search

You forge partnerships with top-notch service providers and suppliers, strengthening the foundation of operational excellence.

Listening to Customer Needs

You attentively listen to their needs, share clear information, and offer solutions that make a difference.

Operational Management

Every day, you take the reins of operational excellence, thanks to our Harmony software. You skilfully coordinate your teams and orchestrate performances, ensuring that each intervention is a demonstration of professionalism.

Is ourfranchisethe right Choice for you?

Let’s be transparent, thriving as a franchisee, especially in the field of maintenance, is not within everyone’s reach. Each of them is a key partner in our mission for international growth. That’s why, in addition to a definite commitment, certain skills are essential to ensure the
success of your project.

La Relation Client

Customer satistaction is at the core of our business model. As a franchisee, vou will be the ambassador of our brand. The ability to understand their needs, establish strong relationships, and provide exceptional service is the driving force behind our success. Your ability to listen, anticipate expectations, and solve problems will be an invaluable asset in relainino our momatona clientele.

Team management

As a leader, you will be the pivot of your team, inspiring and guiding each member to reach their full potential. Your team management expertise will create a culture of collaboration, stimulate innovation, and maintain high performance standards. You direct leadership will directly influence the lasting success of your business.

Organizational Skills

The art of coordination is essential in maintenance management and requires rigorous operations management. Your ability to juggle details while maintaining a clear overview is key to orchestrating smooth operations.

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